Khao Sok National Park

What a lucky life!  Had the opportunity to visit Khao Sok National Park for a staff training weekend.  Did a lot of workshops Friday and Saturday so we had Sat. afternoon free and a group of five of us decided to explore the national park.  Pictures of a gorgeous expansive lake with limestone cliffs emerging out of it were my vision.  I found out as we were hiking that the lake is actually an hour away.  Enjoyed our little six km walk through the park, though. We were staying in the Khao Sok town and the entrance was just a few moments walk from the little cottages we were based out of.  We could hear gibbons calling out in the mornings and birds a plenty.  Our destination was a waterfall called Bang Hua Rat. 

The path is wide and easy and the scenery spectacular. Mini bamboo groves sprouted everywhere, lush jungle abound, and rivers babbled in the distance or up close. We saw two troops of langur monkeys (!!!!!), hornbills and lizards.   We spent almost an hour watching them play and grim and fly from bamboo tree top to tree top.  There was also a large solitary animal in a tree which our conservation expert believes was a sunbear!   We listened in whispers speculating what it could be for about forty minutes. This morning wandering around the back roads of the town we saw a troop of macaque monkeys.  

The waterfall was really just a river going through some rocks. Perhaps as it is the height of the dry season.  To go further into the park we had to hire a guide and it was about an hour before sunset so we only got as far as Bang Hua Rat. 

Such a lucky weekend.  I definitely want to return to explore more of the 600 km plus squared park.  And see the famous lake with the limestone karsts. However in terms of wildlife I feel totally happy to have had that walk and see and hear so many things.  




Bamboo Groves Everywhere
Spot the lizard?
Can you see the Langur Monkey?
Look up! Way up!


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