Hear ye, Hear ye!

Thank you all for reading.  This blog will be short, but has two important announcements.  First, the bad news then the good news.


The bad news is I have now run out of free blog space, and won’t be posting for a short time.  I’m currently researching and planning to implement a paid webpage.  I want to work more professionally on being a travel/ex pat blogger.  So, stay tuned.


And now for the good news: I am pleased to officially announce that I will be moving to Saudi Arabia on August 1st.  I have taken a position as an English Teacher for female university students.


It was a difficult decision, one that took a great deal of research, internal dialogue and deliberation. I have lived in Malaysia (for a university course field school), Japan – both Hokkaido and Osaka, South Africa, and southern Thailand in a small fishing village.  Saudi Arabia, however, will be the place that is the most culturally different to Canada.  I imagine it will invoke the most severe culture shock.   Human Rights is important to me, as is equality.  At the same time, I am a strong advocate for living in a culture and doing my best to accept the culture; to observe and attempt to accept it and integrate as much as possible.  Those two conflict, I believe, and it will be my largest challenge when it comes to internal conflict and resolution.  Which makes it a great opportunity for personal challenge, growth, and flexibility.   I am excited about this, as somebody who wants to see a world of peace and harmony, I believe there is an chance for me personally, and to come to terms with the above mentioned conflict.


It’s also a nice time to acknowledge the friends and family that support me, as well as you readers – most of you *are* friends and family, but some aren’t and I thank you for reading.  I am grateful for you all, and appreciate whatever interaction we have or have had.

So, wish me luck and keep watching for a new blog address!  On to my next adventure…..


6 thoughts on “Hear ye, Hear ye!”

  1. Wow! How exciting for you. I hear you on the internal human rights conflict – Middle East has never been on my to-see list, primarily for that reason, but will be fascinating to follow your adventure and possibly open up my mind. Best of luck and travel safe.

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  2. Nice reasoning, Debra Lynnie! I hope your next adventure is as wonderful as the rest have been! I wonder if I will get to Saudi to stay with you! I liked Jordan and Turkey so I imagine I will enjoy Saudi under your guidance!

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  3. Good Luck and keep safe my dear friend!! Send me your address as soon as you have one in Saudi so we can send you postcards from our travels too!


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