I Miss Blogging

It’s been over a year since I have blogged.  I put up lots of my best pictures on Instagram www.instagram.com/adventurerdeb/. And I put other photos and a few stories up on my @adventurerdeb Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Adventurerdeb/. But, I still miss the blog once in a while. 
I ran out of space due to the high volume of photos I post and I started living in Saudi Arabia where many forms of social media are restricted, so it seemed a natural crossroads to stop in.  
Anyway, just expressing myself. I taught at a private Language School for ten months in the capital city, Riyadh and then had summer in western Canada for three awesome months.  And now back in Saudi Arabia, but in a different area and city.  I live in the east coast on the Arabian Gulf.  I live in Khobar, close to Dammam, and work in a place called Qatif at a vocational college for women.  
Anyways, had the craving so wanted to post a quick blog.  Now, let’s see if the photo will post, too. 


5 thoughts on “I Miss Blogging”

  1. Hi Deb!
    Miss you too and not being a facebooker your blog was a great way to catch up with all the interesting things you do!


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