New Years!

Last year, I spent New Years in snowy Kelowna with some amazing girlfriends!  It was a wonderful evening. This year, all the volunteers planned to go away so as a staff team we could go as a group to the nearby tourist town of Ban Niang.  We stayed at a lovely hostel called Khao Lak 813 beside the Tsunami Museum and there were eight of us.  Two were the designated staff on call – my night was Friday, so I was able to drink and enjoyed a beverage on the beach in the afternoon, some wine with dinner and a bit of festive cheer throughout the night.  

Carlee and I at the end of the night!

We had a lovely dinner of Indian food and I even converted my roommate to becoming a fan of Indian food.  (And Thai Massage.   We had Indian again for lunch after some lovely Thai massages!).   

We had talked about two options:

  1. An 80’s party in Khao Lak, the next tourist town about a thirty minute walk or a paid taxi ride away
  2. A series of resorts were having parties on the beach.  Walking distance away. 

Plus, one of us was invited to do fire poi at the beach so we decided on the parties on the beach.  Sadly we took too long getting ready and missed the poi.  😦   

It was funny to walk along the beach and go from hearing Johnny Cash to Bob Marley to ABBA.  They all were competing with each other in terms of volume but each place seemed to be fair well attended.  It wasn’t just the range of musical tastes, but also there was a huge range and variety of ages of patrons.  We explored a few but found few with music we really liked or the other partygoers we wanted to hang out with. So we decided to go back up to the street and see if we could find some fun times. Ended up meeting the bar owner of a bar in the Saturday night market and she was having a party at Chang Bar (the Thai name for elephant as well as the name of a popular Thai beer).  We hung out and enjoyed free food, had some beverages, played with a fluffy white dog, some fuse ball and  billiards and then we got called on to participate in musical chairs!   A fun but rather random New Years activity!  One of my coworkers beat everybody out in the first round and took home a tin of Christmas shortbread cookies.  
We ended up back at the beach eager for the countdown.  We had seen resorts setting up fireworks. Ended up out on the water on a dock made from floating jerry cans singing Aulde Lang Syne and seeing the amazing display of fireworks going off all along the beach. Most spectacular place to be with truly awe inspiring fireworks.  The entire beach was filled with them.  It wasn’t how I thought the night would go but it was unique and a good time. 

 Rang in the New Year with a bang. 

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