Getting into Saudi Arabia

As a Canadian who has been living in Thailand, it has proven to be a lengthy and somewhat exhausting process to get into Saudi Arabia. The process was tenuous and long as I did not have a residency card and had not lived longer than one year in Thailand.  Had those things been in place, I imagine the process would have been expedited three fold. 

Over the past week I have consulted one visa agency seven times, another three times, spent one and a half hours waiting on a chair in the elevator bay of the Saudi Arabia embassy in Bangkok, spoken (okay kindly begged admittance) to the Head of the Saudi Visa consulate services in Bangkok, and now at the airport had to show proof of my employment.  
BUT, it’s all now complete and I am waiting at passport control to head on to this adventure.  I have on a long sleeved blouse, a skirt that goes to the ground…. And my trusty Birkenstocks!   
So, wish me luck!  


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