Wasn’t That a Party?!

I almost forgot….

Victoria and I went to a third temple, and to our surprise, they were setting it up for some foreigners to have a private party at dusk!  It was neat to see all the lights set up, the nice tables… and thousands of candles!   There were eight people coming, and they had rented the temple out.  Who knew you could do that?!?!   Apparently, only a few of the temples are available for rent, but good to remember if anybody has some special occasion in the future and feels like spending a small fortune.


It was a beautiful temple – glad to see it.  It was also fun to wander around to visualize the temple as it would be after sunset.  My imagination was going wild and I only half joked about staying til dark to see what it would look like in the candlelight and the spotlight on the ancient ruins!


Finally, I had a chance to peek at the restoration and archaeological work at this site.   So many of the temples, you can see before and after photos, and there are little stalls where the Parks staff are working, but usually they are up a high ladder, or otherwise inaccessible.  I was able to peer inside this scaffolded off area, though!  Lucky me.

It was a great little end to our day – touring up about an hour and a half north (east-ish) of Siem Reap…  Kbal Spean, plus two other temple ruins.



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