Well, I had googled the best things to do in Vienam and a spa in a small seaside city called Nha Trang  came up…  I-resort.  On the side of a mountain, this attraction is famous for mud baths.  It’s not really a resort as you can’t stay there. But, it is also a famous spa and has fun looking water slides.  But most people go for the  mud baths.
Everything I read suggested going for a VIP Treatment. So, I decided to treat myself for an early birthday present. I spent about $275 for a total pampering day.  I had my own private villa on the mountain top.  It had a bed, a stone bathroom and shower, a funky net hammock /trampoline.   A small private pool and my own mud bath.  The pool and mud bath were filled in my presence so I knew it was all clean and fresh for me.  Very nice.
I had a selection of spa treatments that day.  Plus lunch. (Massive.  Enough for four people or two rugby players).

First, I had a body scrub.  Fresh Vietnamese grown coffee grinds. And then milk for a bit of natural smoothing.


Next, I had a mud mask.


Followed by a swim in the tub and lunch.

Then a mud bath.


Then a herbal soak in the same tub as the mud bath.


Then hand and foot nail care.

And finally a full body massage and facial. She did my hair while waiting for some part of the treatment.

Then I had time to enjoy the herbal bath and pool and eat some fruit platter (could have had a full meal of spaghetti bologna see or a pizza but when I saw the five course menu for lunch I figured fruit plate would more than suffice.  It did!).  And drink the wine and passionfruit juice I had chosen.
Had never had a manicure before and it was nice but the scrub and mask and massage/facial were all more enjoyable.

It was a superb day and I felt totally spoiled. You could have in the private villa up to four people. So vey different to do with girlfriends, but would be equally as scrumptious, I think.  And it would only cost about $135 each.  Totally recommend it. Solo for some me relax time or pampering girls day out!!



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