Cambodian Food – Delight for the Tastebuds

It was a spontaneous, unplanned trip, really – I decided maybe three or four days before booking a flight to check out Cambodia with a spare two months on my hands…  as a foodie who loves to cook in a fabulous, modern kitchen with fresh herbs, local ingredients and a glass of wine, I had been spoiled living in Thailand for almost a year.  But, I wanted to experience Cambodia in a culinary way.  I found a website with a list of different foods I wanted to try and gave the ones I was keen on a go.  I missed two, so sad about that.

  • a pumpkin custard dessert which looked amazing.    The pumpkin is Japanese style, smallish with a hard, sort of warty dark green outer skin
  • green mango salad – super popular in Thailand, but a bit too spicy for me, this Cambodian version is meant to be a little less spicy, but alas I missed out!

Here are some photos and short assessments of the delicious treats I tried, Cambodian style.

Chicken Amok found at Angkor Palm restaurant, Siem Reap – worth the adventure to find it! AND… a side of morning glory, also a Cambodian recommendation!  Yum!


Street food soup!   Delightful market find, unexpectedly but deliciously sweet!
Jackfruit Smoothie – I tried to say no Jackfruit, but well… I’m the foreign idiot who doesn’t speak the language, so I drank it.  Smell was awful, but the taste refreshing and kind of addictive after a while.
Lok Lak – again, super yummy!!!  


I also tried Bai Sach Chrouk (BBQ pork and rice) – though, I was surprised it is a breakfast food.  It is served with green tomatos and cucumber and is amazing!   Pork lovers, check it out!!!  So good.  Not sure what happened to my picture, so check out this website for a nice pic:


Overall, it was a delicious food adventure of three weeks, glad I got to try it all out!  Yum.  Also tried grilled eggplant, curry, barbecued meat on a stick, and fruit from a street vendor!   YUM!



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