Bayon the Bold, Jumping and Fun!

Have to say, this Cambodian temple from the Khmer Jayavarman VII in Angkor Tom, was one of my favourite sites.  I went in feeling tired and kind of ‘done with the temples’ – I’ll just rush through and snap some pictures and be on my way.  But, both Katie and I were enthralled and took lots of time and heaps of pics.  It was unique, with smiling brick faces everywhere, expansive; but I didn’t get lost inside, and  it shows pictures of day to day life back in the late 12th Century.

I hope you enjoy the photos…. Katie and I played alot with taking fun photos as it made for such a beautiful and unique background.



We did, however, get lost in Ta Keo, which we also went to right before finding a spot to watch the sunset…..  So hard to find our way out.  Asked several guards, who kept directing us to go out the same way we entered, but our awesome driver, Borei, was waiting for us on the opposite side.  We asked Tour Guides and had a bit more luck, but ran into dead end after dead end.  Not as bad as an itchy corn maze, but a bit of a panic came over both of us, I think.  We took jumping photos when we finally got out!

The jumping pics made me laugh – the Hammer pants helped achieve that – so, I thought you might enjoy as well!  Too ridiculous!


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