Glimpse of Battambang in Photos

This city emanates an atmosphere of homeiness and a feeling of comfort. I had heard there isn’t much draw to Battambang, Cambodia, but I like the feel of the city and especially the locals here.  I don’t feel conspicuous or like a tourist that locals feel is super rich so they should harass for money or to buy goods or services.  I just feel like one of the town.  I am staying on the river and each night there is a street food market, which I have enjoyed and in the late afternoon and early evening families make use of the park along the river.  Children play on swings, women use the exercise equipment and men play a hacky-sack like game with a plastic object that looks similar to a badminton shuttle.

More funky looking mannequins, which are a little more horrifying than the Thai ones I had documented previously.

And the buildings are a huge mix of colonial, modern, and old SE Asian style with locking metal gates and a black lacing of mold, a result of the extreme humidity.


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