SkyTrain PSA

SToday, I experienced almost all the Bangkok transportation mode today…  Subway, foot travel, Skytrain, motorbike taxi, regular taxi!   Missed out on TukTuk and city bus.  Had a lovely adventure trying to find the Erawan Shrine.  I enjoyed the Skytrain because you can see where you are going and get a glimpse of the city.  The Bangkok Skytrain seems intent on reminding people of the social problems cell phones are causing.   A poster series is up in each terminal platform and they have a strong message.  I agree with their point!   We spend too much time looking down at our palms.  It’s not good for our health and personal relationships are affected both negatively and positively by this phenomenon. But, mobiles are very convenient and certainly keep us reachable in all corners of the earth!   Convenient for a nomad with wanderlust!  


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