Pai Canyon & Tha Pai Hot Springs

Did a little exploring of the Pai Canyon while up in northern Thailand. Kong Lon in Thai, this spectacular place is a must see if you are in the area.  So pleased I answered the call to nature in this gorgeous mountainous area of Southeast Asia.  A short 9km motorbike taxi ride (200THB return trip) from the downtown took us to Pai Canyon.  If driving yourself, be warned some parts are gravel and slightly slippery but otherwise all good. Red soil, sharp cliffs and dry dirt paths through phenomenal vistas.  Looking over the edge had my stomach doing flip flops like a gymnast flourishing at the Olympics.  Like a red dirt pathway to the heavens, Pai Canyon takes you on a narrow path in mid air!  Those afraid of heights might be uncomfortable. A short hike in birks was delightful.  Hiking boots are recommended if you’d like to go explore deep into the canyon over the crevasses and cracks in the red picturesque ridges. Early morning or sunset are highly recommended.  


Picturesque view at Pai Canyon
Canyon indeed
What a vista!
Concrete pathway to the canyon
Pai Canyon
Perfect spot for sunset!
In the afternoon, we ventured on to the Tha Pai Hot Springs.  A resident of Japan for over three years, hot springs have special meaning and memories for me so I was thrilled to read there were several sets of hot springs in the Pai area.  Based on local recommendations, we chose Tha Pai Hot Springs and it exceeded my expectations.  Temperatures of the various pools ranged from 33degrees to over 80!  A nice walking path loop allows you to view all the pools on a short walk through the park.  Specific pools are designated to boil eggs in!    Well written English signs explained the creation of the springs.  Amenities included outdoor showers as well as toilets. In the high season it appears they divert some of the hot water to cement baths but it was low season so there were few people and only the natural springs were in use.  As always, my skin felt soft and well looked after after a good long soak.    The minerals in the water are healing and famed to produce healthy, touchable and glowing skin.  Please be aware if there are many locals. It is respectful to wear a Tshirt into the pools as Thai people are conservative about dress. I’d recommend taking a picnic to enjoy after a lovely dip in the delightfully warm springs.  Now, this is Thailand so yes, it does seem a bit strange to be submerging in hot springs in such a tropical hot country, but if you have sore muscles or just want to try it, totally recommend it.  It’s good for your health and your spirit!   A motorbike taxi will cost about 200THB return. 


Boiled egg fail. Poached, anyone?
A lovely nostalgic soak. Delighful after an epic car sick four hour ride to Pai
I love that it has English, Thai and the Japanese for onsen or hot springs!
Hot!! Springs


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