This plastic sitting stool at an iced coffee stand made me laugh and think of Frankenstein!   You know, there isn’t much in the way of recycling here in Thailand – it’s pretty abysmal in terms of facilities, but the reUSING of products is going strong!!!    We leave bottles and cans beside the garbage can and people come and collect them and use them to make all sorts of things.  The Thais will also repair most of what we as a western society reject or bin. It’s impressive and makes me ashamed of how disposable we seem our goods and products!   Terrible.  But Frankenchair has inspired me to reuse and recycle uses more!  Way to go, Frankenchair!  

It’s in the parking lot of Big C in Takuapa.  Big C is a large indoor shopping “plaza.”  It’s a rectangle shaped building, so not really a plaza but it has a Kentucky Fried Chicken, several different clothing shops, a lingerie store, a store selling suitcases, a mobile phone shop, an arcade, an ice cream shop, and a large grocery store.  It’s the place to go if you need most anything.  And as its in Takuapa, a more Thai city, the prices are much more reasonable than the western town of Khao Lak.  I love Big C and really do like to have a Chamanan from the Iced Coffee stand at the end of the parking lot.  Chamanan is sweet Thai lemon iced tea.  Lovely!!   



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