I’m kind of a go go go person.  Passionate and subject to taking on lots of extra responsibility, not delegating, and taking on too much.  Been a full on last nine and a half months.  Had an amazing team, we did an awesome job, fab to have such dedicated teammates-  was great, but still am quite exhausted. So… I spontaneously took some vacation days.  I usually fill my vacation with hiking, biking, tours, (scuba diving courses now, it seems!), exploring and filling each possible moment with activity… Though the occasional movie is awesome, too!   Now, I am trying to turn over a new leaf and learn to relax a bit more.  To take advantage of my gorgeous location!  A few vacation days with nothing planned. Heaven. Or Hell?   Just plain foreign, really.  I did a bit when my Mom was here in March, spent three days in a hammock.  Just exhausted then,too.  Relaxing at the beach is kind of foreign to me, but doing my best: I have read, done some adult colouring, walked along the beach, walked to the town, had a massage and swam in the ocean.  No sun baking here!   No sleeping in the lounge chair. Enjoying it, but it’s a bit hard to get used to.  Grateful the little restaurant on the beach beside my chaise lounger has music!   Strange covers of songs I love, inspiring me to sing along when nobody is around.  Heehee. 
Back to my book now!



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