Try Local. 

Well I tried some local Thai juice.  They looked like some trendy healthy drink you get back home. All natural and two or one ingredients.  No preservatives.  Plain but effective label.  Expensive.  Figured it was worth a try. 

I got two of the three featured:

Passionfruit juice. And  Ginger juice. 

Passionfruit is my favourite new fruit (it’s right up there with mango, mangosteen and rambutan).  Love passionfruit plain just scoop it out with a spoon enjoy the crisp pucker power sweet taste. Passionfruit shake.   Yum.   Sadly this juice just tasted a bit Moldy and off.  Sweet but with a hint of mildew. Not pleasant. Tried two swigs.  Okay, one swig, a grimace followed by a small sip to confirm it really was Moldy tasting.   Yep.  A dud!!   

I had high hopes, then, for the ginger juice sweetened with local honey.  Wow!  It was gingery and overpowering.  I couldn’t drink it.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely LOVE and adore ginger. But, it was just too strong for me. I added it to a Schweppe’s Ginger Ale and all was great.  The Schweppe’s ended up tasting like a true ginger ale and I was super happy.  But straight… No way!   Did notice the lid also rusted a little after a day in the fridge and I wonder if perhaps the Passionfruit flavour might have had some rust 

Experiment concluded.  Won’t be trying the Aloe Vera, that’s for sure. 


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