Rain, Rain Go Away… But thank you

Wellll.  I would say the rainy season officially began today.  Black clouds and lightning precluded a downpour of epic and blessed proportions. I was in denial as I walked to the Ban Niang Wednesday night market for street food after a day learning scuba diving theory.  I saw the clouds, lightning and heard the thunder but decided to risk it.   My poor leather Birkenstocks!   It poured buckets for over an hour and flooded the market grounds.  After forty minutes I decided to try to ninja my way back on the outer edges of the covered market stalls. Judging by the wetness of my birks and my purse, I wasn’t that successful!  

I think this will mean we will go back to regular fresh water for showers and washing dishes instead of the salt water we have been using from city water for over a month now.  Glad for that. My skin and hair are extremely grateful.  Pretty brittle and dry from being washed in salt water. Haha
BUT…    I don’t want the dry season to end.  The rainy season means everything is damp all the time, mosquitoes galore, mild and more.  Lovely as its still hot here, but have definitely appreciated the lack of rain.  Alas, I don’t want wet season to come yet.   Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day!!

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