Thailand BBQ All You Can Eat

A friend is leaving Thailand tomorrow, so last night we went to a barbecue place she has been talking about since I got here, but we had never been.  We live with several vegetarians and vegans so it’s not the popular choice.  A leaving dinner, however, seems the ideal time. I have been to barbecue place at the Sapporo Beer Garden in northern Japan (totally recommend the smoky delicious experience of trying Ghengis Khan BBQ dish or Yakiniku if you find yourself on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.  It’s a must!).  
So when this BBQ was described to me, I had that picture in my head.  
Thai BBQ is a little different. Of course, it’s an open air restaurant. There were trays of raw food and you pick what you want out and put them in little trays.  Then cook them on the grill.  There are hot coals underneath and the cooking surface is a metal hill with a skinny but deep area at the bottom.  A big wad of fat is on top which you spread around to make sure your meat doesn’t stick to the metal grill.   You add water and vegetables and noodles to the moat at the bottom and viola.  You have soup.  Instead of being served with steamed rice, you can eat fried rice or stir fried noodles with your cooked meat.  

It was a lovely experience.  Oh, and a lady wearing cat ears sat behind us.  Not sure what that was about. 

3 thoughts on “Thailand BBQ All You Can Eat”

    1. Hi there! Great question. At this restaurant in a small Thai town, with few tourists, there was seafood and vegetables and noodles. Plus side dish salads. However, having the same BBQ in a tourist town there are a lot of vegetarian foods to chose from and fry up on your personal


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