Monk Ordination

Our village had a big party last night as a twenty year old man is entering the temple as a monk this morning.  His head is shaved, and he is ready to commit to the lifestyle of a monk.  Wandering the village blessing people early in the morn in exchange for food. Fasting after Eleven and many religious duties. 

It was a right party with food, drink, dancing, and karaoke that went on non-stop!

A friend and partner Chatree, invited us and it was lovely to check it out.  It seemed of our 2000 person village about ten percent attended. Thanks so much, Chatree. 

We also met the Mayor of our village, a lovely man who was elected a few months ago of three candidates.  From all the people I spoke with, he definitely seemed to be the unanimous choice. He was keen to get English classes for adults in the village started so I am soooo excited to get that into action!


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