Krabi Town

It’s the beginning of April 2016 and at the moment I am visiting Krabi Town, Krabi Province, Thailand.  It’s a fairly typical Thai city.  A night market, street food, traffic, at times amazingly delicious and enticing smells and other times a waft of sewage and spoiled food causes your stomach to roll.   As always, drivers persist and call out “Taxi”.  A negative response has them changing gears to  offer a motorbike taxi.  Another negative yields a mini van offer.   But overall, I am enjoying Krabi Town.   A few symbols of Krabi…  Obviously, the crab.  Statues adorn the lovely walk along the river walking path. Crabs, and plenty of other sea creatures.   


 The sea eagle also seems to be a symbol, a majestic bird of prey.   In addition to the statues, there seems to be a popular tour company called the Sea Eagle as I have seen several trucks driving around transporting tourists on their way to a tour.  

And a great sense of humour shows a traffic corner with all four corners having a humorous set of traffic lights.  Each set of traffic lights are being held by a Neandertal guy.   Hilarious. 


Apparently Krabi is the oldest settlement in Thailand as the limestone caves made excellent homes for cave people. Remains of ancient man have been found in the area and reportedly date back to 30,000 B.C..  

The lengthy walking path along the river/ocean provides a beautiful place to chill.  You can see the mangroves along the salty river that leads into the ocean and we easily see gorgeous limestone cliffs called karsts impressing us at every turn.   

 Came across a nice little temple in the heart of the town, as I was exploring, though I wasn’t appropriate dressed to go inside.  Snakes or dragons greet temple-goers and a tiger watches all that come and go from afar. The beautiful white structure was clean and bright and complimented by gold adornments. The gardens were vast and, of course, Thailand green and lush!

The people seem lovely.  Lots of Hellos (in Thai).  Everybody is helpful and friendly.  Had an impromptu Thai lesson at breakfast this morning and then met a lovely young girl who was about five years old, her two year old brother and her Dad.  She tried all the English she knew on me.  Her name is Mew.  And her brother didn’t want to be left out too and insisted on saying hello to me as repeatedly as only a two year old can, and he insisted on saying the final farewell to me as well!   So sweet. 

The gateway to Railay, famous for the limestone karsts and rock climbing, and Ao Nang beach, Krabi is a little less touristy than Ao Nang or Railay and a little sleepier, but a fun little stop.  



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