Thai Mueang Turtle Festival

Honouring the great turtles found in our area, we were invited to the festival on March 1st.  There were many stalls of various food clothes.   Tried some activities at the booth run by the Non Formal Education Centre.  And happened to win the opportunity to release one of the 79 turtles released at eight months to the sea.  The festival lasts seven days.  There was a parade and the Governor came as well. 
We have a few species of turtles in the area: green sea turtles, hawksbill turtles and olive Ridley turtles.  Some, if not all of these species are endangered.  I got to release a green sea turtle.  At sunset on opening night of the festival. 
The boat lights were all light up to encourage the turtles.  Outside of human interference, turtles when hatched instinctively go towards the light of the moon so other lights on land can be very confusing for them.  So the festival had boats out in the water with strong white lights shining to encourage the turtles to swim

In to the sea instead of towards the festival and village lights.  





4 thoughts on “Thai Mueang Turtle Festival”

  1. What a great experience! Love the turtles. Was that a real one you were kneeling beside? I’ll pass on the larvae.


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