Glimpse of Chiang Mai

Back in Chiang Mai.  Here are some pics I took.  

Outside a Mall. Thailand’s National Animal is Everywhere


Tuk Tuk. Was trying to capture the Bride and Groom on a motorbike behind it but was too slow and almost got run over!
A canal
China Town


Fortune enough to be here for the 14th Annual Chiang Mai Chinese Festival. YUM!!!


Cooked Ducks overflowed from the Cooler
Probably the one thing I don’t like about Thailand: people have no regard and litter everywhere and anywhere


Flower Stalls in China Town
Bike Stations around the city!


A lovely Trendy New area as part of the Night Bazaar. Felt like being back in Victoria, BC, Canada or Vancouver. At a Summer Festival


Why is this sideways?

Didn’t know her but she was pleased to be in the pic as per our non verval conversation.


The Three Kings Monument
Three Kings from when Thailand was three Kingdoms
Shake Tiki Huts are plentiful all over Thailand but the area we are staying in has them every few feet

I concur with these priorities in life!

Cats, Dogs and Rhinos allowed into this cafe
Mortar and Pestle for Papaya Salad. Sweet, spicy, salty and sour.




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