Thai School Lunch

Once a week I get to stay at the school over the lunch time.  It is a really neat and organized daily routine.  A portion is ready for the children in a silver platter type of thing with little dividers for different food types.  The platters are stacked and ready according to grade.  If there is too much food for the child, the child can scoop a portion back into a communal pot, one pot for each dish.  Conversely if there isn’t enough they can add more to their plate. I’ve had rice each lunchtime and sometimes it’s chicken minced or boiled.  Vegetables are always served as well. I find them quite enjoyable.  

Dessert is provided but it appears they have to purchase it.  Frozen juice containers act like a freezee, cookies and bread with flavoured sweet spread of many crazy neon colours are available.  A selection of dessert or sweet options for purchase seem to be vey popular as there is always a line up!  

After lunch, there are big water troughs for each child to wash their own plate and put it in a rack to dry.  Then it’s cleaning time.  Each grade rotates duties and they clean  up the cafeteria. 

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