Pink Pomegranate 

Yes, I admit it.  Most of my blog posts are about food!   So much to explore.  Biked to the Temple Shop today.  Aptly named as its the shop across from the town Temple. It is one of the few stores in our village that sells ice cream bars.  I often get a Magnum bar from Temple when I have to go there for work stuff and today I was browsing the ice cream freezer and my eyes grew large as an ice berg and my curiosity spiked when I saw a Pink Magnum!   “Pink Pomegranate” the label said.  So, of course I had to give it a try.   It boasts being Pomegranate flavoured ice cream with a pomegranate sauce with pink coloured chocolate  coating.  
The hard crunchy coating is a pale pink.   As with all Magnums, it broke into many large chunks with each bite.  The inside of the coating was brown chocolate, revealing slightly brighter pink ice cream.  And the sauce was only visible when a large chunk of coating came off!   It was a very vibrant pink colour and tasted like pomegranate jam!   A delight on the taste buds and refreshingly delightful!   I would definitely get this again!   I hope you can find it in your country, wherever you are! I am in a village called Ban Nam Khem in the Phang Nga province of Thailand in Southeast Asia. 
Pink Pomegranate was a Pretty Plus!!!!   



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