Fish Release

Today I had just started my English lesson with the P4 class (grade 4 or Primary 4- about age ten) and was Interupted by their teacher telling me they were going on a field trip for fish.  I figured from the conversation we were going to a fish hatchery.  But actually we went to a river and released about 8000 fry today.   So myself and twenty seven fourth graders released fry into the river.  They were waiting, double bagged in clear plastic bags at the riverside along with fisheries personnel.  One fisheries staff talked a lot about the water and I think pollution.   Conservation at work!   Go environmental education!!!   We took some photos then released the fish.   It was super muddy and slippery.   After some of the girls and I checked through the bags to make sure no fish was left behind. (We found three!).  Then we neatly folded the bags and gave them to the fisheries fellows.  Then we found our shoes, climbed up the slippery muddy bank and washed our feet. What a fun experience!!!  Lucky me.  

Note: Not sure what kind of fish they are and wish I knew.  



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