Thai Snacks


The junk food and snacks in Thailand are just as interesting as those in Japan, I would say.  AND there is a big Japanese influence, actually.  

Here are some pictures from the small “Super Cheap” store that opened down the road from us.  We biked to it and a few other shops in the town at the end of our road.  Where our road meets the “highway.”    


Salted Broad Beans. Apparently really good. Havent tried them yet.
No idea!

My fave! Coconut crusted peanuts. Unbelievably delicious.

Havent tried the other flavours but I have six more months to experiment


Rambutan is a beautiful fruit. Cant imagine it could taste anything less than delicious canned!
Definitely a Japanese influence here.
Really love these ones!!! Tastes exactly like garlic and butter bbq’d scallops I used to have in Hokkaido Japan on summer nights.
Some other squiddy chips or crisps
Putting this on my definite “to try” list
Also excellent! How do they make it actually taste exactly like the food its flavoured after??? Its a sweet mystery
Crab curry. Hmmmmm

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