Christmas in Thailand

The months, weeks and days leading up to Christmas just didn’t feel like the festive season.  Sweating every day, beautiful sunshine and palm and coconut trees.   The volunteer house was decorated, the meal was planned, Secret Santa names were drawn with the odd price of 113 baht decided, and the activities for the day organized.  
Night before, Santa and Rudolph came to visit!!!

We opened presents and rejoiced.  I got to act as Santas elf and delivered presents to the volunteers.  We guessed who our gifts came from though with 17 of us it was a little difficult.  


We got to spend a few hours with the children at the Camilian Social Centre.  It’s a centre for children and youth with developmental disabilities – one of a kind in Southern Thailand.   A great time was had playing sports, doing crafts and singing Christmas carols. 



 And then it was time for dinner prep.  We had a good time.  Each person had dedicated themselves to a dish and we ended up with a feast. We cooked an amazing meal without an oven and only four burners and a rice cooker!   And a BBQ with wood. Of course it was very improvised as we live in Thailand and can’t always get what we want but we did great!  Just great!   

We had a shrimp cocktail, a salad, “roast” potatoes (boiled and shallow fried!  Amazing), gravy, chicken BBQed, duck, and apple crisp for dessert.  
It was a lovely day and I am so grateful I was surrounded by such amazing warm people who worked to make it a magical Christmas Day in paradise.  

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