Along Khao Lak Beach

If you have seen the movie ‘The Impossible’ or have followed my blog, you might be familiar with Khao Lak in Thailand where the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami hit badly.  This past weekend for New Years I stayed near Khao Lak with a group of amazing girlfriends.  
Walked the beach or swam/ spent time on the Ban Niang and Khao Lak beaches which was lovely and relaxing.  The recovery from the tsunami isn’t complete but the beaches are still beautiful.  
Came across a detailed and fabulous sand sculpture of a camel.  Sadly it had began to deteriorate but it sure was impressive nonetheless.  
Also came across several inukshuks. As a Canadian we learn about the rock “people” used originally by the Inuit in the cold north of Canada.  They were used to indicate safe passage or that a person was on the right trail.   The word inukshuks actually means “in the likeness of human” as the rocks often are seen to look like a person.  
Though you might enjoy some photos.  


Alice the Camel Has One Hump
Camel Sand Sculpture

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