Get Me to the Church On Time

A lovely, gracious and energetic  student’s daughter got married on Saturday, November 28th. She invited several fellow students and I was lucky enough to be invited along with the rest of the GVI staff and our two TEFL interns.  Mick had been preparing for her daughter’s wedding for several months as the last time I saw her I visited her home and she was making curtains for the wedding.  She was very excited and busy.  It was a very important event in her life as Chananporn is her only child and a daughter.  We were invited to the reception. I was meant to go to Chiang Mai just before to get my work permit but luckily it worked out for me to attend the wedding and head up to Chiang Mai the following day. 
Our neighbour and driver, Thit, is a fellow classmate and acted as the go between and took us along with his beautiful wife and super cute, shy daughter.  
Turns out we arrived early but it turned out well as we were in shock at the elegant location and all the decorations and preparation.  White cloths on the chairs, a photo booth and a beautiful slideshow were some of the highlights.  We were about to walk through the entranceway to the wedding reception hall when the bridal party arrived.   Chananporn was adorned in a beautiful western white dress and looked amazingly gorgeous!  Her groom was dashing in a gray suit. Mick was almost unrecognizable as she was beautifully dolled up.  

As soon as 5:30 arrived, the official start time, everybody was seated and the food began to arrive. We had about five courses before a slideshow of their lives including the ceremony earlier that day began.  Directly following the slideshow, the bride and groom made an official entrance. Then four more courses followed, our table had the first photo with the bride and groom and then once all courses of dinner were finished, everybody up and left.  It was a dry reception with pop (soda) and water being served and everybody disappeared quickly.  
The food was unbelievable with two souls, an appetizer plate, prawn chips, beautiful garlic laced fish and many more!!!   Probably some of the best food I have had in Thailand.  And it just kept coming.  We counted nine courses!!!  
For me, it was lovely to see Mick aglow and in her element, as well as to see so many students in a social setting.  
So privileged to have been invited and able to attend a Thai wedding.  Not sure how traditional or typical it was, but it has created amazing memories. 


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