A Glimpse of Chiang Mai in photos

Had to come to Chiang Mai to get a work permit (success!!!!) and my visa renewed.  Here are a few photos of the city.  


A moat around the old city
Wall of protection around old city
Chiang Mai is famous for elephants
Loi Krathong display at the airport
Famous for markets and walking street sales. They happen daily!
Tulips at the Governor General’s House
You can see live Thai Boxing. Muay Thai
Beautiful gelato display
A night market
Fish spa. The fish eat the dirt and dead skin off your feet. It was NOT recommended by these two customers. HaHaHa
I was curious about these decorations as we are very far from the ocean!!
Thai Red Cross Hospital in Chiang Mai
China Town
Making Banana Chips
Seriously bigger than my hand. Yum Avos!!!
Ate in China Town. Pointed at another persons soup that looked like pork or chicken ramen – ended up with something totally different but edible and a great price! strangely tasted what I imagine cigarette butts to taste like at two points so clueless as to how that happened!!!
Remnants from Loi Krathong on a river in Chiang Mai
Cute coffee shop. Addicted to Lemon Tea “shakes” which is a sweet lemon tea on ice or blended like a slushee.
Ice cream vendor selling vanilla and coconut ice cream. Served traditionally with condensed milk (in case the ice cream isnt sweet enough for you!) and peanuts. Like it WAY more than the coconut ice cream I have had down south that always tastes kind of metallic to me.


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