Dairy Queen Blizzard!!!

A group of friends and I once searched high and lo after hearing a rumour in a small Japanese city on ye northern Island of Hokkaido for a Dairy Queen ice cream and burger restaurant.  We found it but it was closed and appeared to have been for some time.   Somehow, without even knowing it, I have been surprised twice now by the spotting of a Dairy Queen in Thailand.  I have had a mini blizzard in a large complex with a TESCO store (Brits seem to know this name), and at Central Festival, the big western mall.  The staff always are very consistent in demonstrating that the blizzards don’t fall out when out upside down.  And there is a massive selection of maccha green tea flavoured ice cream treats.  Not exactly the same taste as blizzards at home but certainly a pleasant and welcome surprise in Thailand!  How serendipitous!!  

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