I LOVE Halloween

The crispy air and autumn leaves, the chocolate, the spooky movies, getting scared about ghosts, dressing up, and carving jack o lanterns.   I try to bring the *Shady Mile* with me wherever I go, and hope my crazy costume creation loving spirit is contagious!!!   

But, this year in Thailand, I haven’t even really remembered.  Coworker and friend Talia got a Halloween package in the mail and I got temporarily excited but life went on and now it’s October 24th and I just barely remembered again.  I went into a cafe and there is actually a display!   So, I best get my spirited nature and spooky groove goin’!!!  
Stay tuned as I am now conscious of the date and can feel the pull of the autumn festivities.  It is a little hard to feel it due to being in the tropics but I think I am up for the challenge!!!  
 **Shady Mile is a jack-o-lantern display in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.  There a long, dark and forested road with no street lights called the Shady Mile.  Each year, after Halloween, residents of Nanaimo take their pumpkins to the Shady Mile and line the street for kilometres.  Locals who live on the street light up the jack-o-lanterns nightly on November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  It’s an amazing and lovely display.   I have replicated it in Ishikari, Hokkaido, Japan, on the Peace Boat, in Lions Park in Calgary, AB, Canada, and at Hillcrest Elementary in Victoria, BC, Canada.  Guess I best try to get ready for Nov 1-2 here in Thailand!!!  


One thought on “I LOVE Halloween”

  1. Great Idea for the jack-o-lanterns after Halloween night! I didn’t know that happened in Nanaimo. Love your travel pics and the beaches.


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