Feelin Crabby?

The small beach crabs here in Thailand dig deep holes to stay moist and cool in.  As they dig out the holes, they roll the excess sand into perfect tiny balls and toss the balls outside the hole.  But for some reason, they form the most beautiful patterns.  You can sometimes walk to a beach that is dotted in gorgeous flowery patterns of these little balls.  If you don’t know what they are, they can be confusing.  A few weekends ago on Railay beach, came across a little girl who was walking very carefully and gently across the beach. She meticulously and gingerly approached is to remind us to not step on the crab “eggs”  – what a little sweetheart.  Our conservationists spoke up and told her what the balls were for and let her mind at ease that she wasn’t killing baby crabs when she stepped on the crab balls.  Bless her!!!   But I was glad she was preserving the beautiful patterns!  


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