Trafficking Checkpoint

Was a bit surprised last Friday (September 4, 2015) when on a trip to a Muslim town about an hour north to have to pass through a human trafficking checkpoint.  

 Of course, it made me curious to know what kind of trafficking.  I suspected they were checking for illegal Burmese immigrants as we are close to the Myanmar border and there is a large population of Burmese both illegally and legally living in the country and certainly there is a large population in our town.  It made sense that was what the checkpoint was looking for. 
After some investigation, my suspicions were confirmed.  Vehicles were stopped at times and checked for Myanmar stowaways.  

The Burmese people are fleeing their home country now called Myanmar due to tough economic conditions and years of civil unrest and domestic war.  There’s an estimated 3 million Burmese people currently working in Thailand, a lot of them in the area I live in as we border a long portion of Myanmar.  Those who don’t live in refugee camps on the border, do settle in cities and towns around Thailand.  They generally seem to do menial jobs.  If found here illegally, they may face jail time.  

A street with many people living here from Myanmar

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