Beware of Falling Coconuts

Living in the tropics, things are different in so many ways.  There are spiders that don’t fit in a coffee mug, at random times as you are fully soaped up the water mains stop working and your shower dies, and many other adventures.  Annnndddd coconuts randomly can fall.  
When we do risk assessments with new volunteers or staff there is actually a risk awareness education section dedicated specifically to being aware of The risk of coconuts potentially falling on your head.  Of course I let out a huge guffaw when I first went over it.   Buuuutttt. It is a reality, especially right now.  I was reminded of this early this afternoon as I was headed to the shop to use the ATM.   A lone coconut under a tree reminded me.  
Last week our country director was here and she bought us all a whole young coconut to drink out of.  The coconut is green and the bottom is cut with a machete to make it flat and the top as well then a small inverted triangular hole is made in the top and a straw is inserted and boom!   You have fresh coconut water.   It was a good experience and I am glad I tried.  The water had a distinct flavour not quite like the coconut I am used to at home but definitely quenching and refreshing on a hot Thailand day.  I would have it again for sure though I am not imagining I will have major cravings for it anytime soon.  Though I supposed you never know.  I could acquire the tastes especially as we are entering the dry season and the temperature heats up.  

Apparently it’s the brown fuzzy coconuts that are more mature and make coconut milk.  After finishing our young coconut the Director suggested we take it back across the street to where she got about twenty of them for us and get it cut open in half.  Then scoop out of coconut flesh.  I had to hurry off to work and was unable but had a taste and actually think I preferred the flesh to the coconut water.  
Anyway.   It’s been FOREVER since I have made a blog post but it’s the weekend and I thought I would try to post at least one if not a few!   


3 thoughts on “Beware of Falling Coconuts”

    1. Hi Diane! I actually wasn’t sure so had to wait for them to grow up a little. I think they are either chili peppers or beans. Always using fresh ingredients here so it’s amazing food.


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