Same Same

Same same is a common phrase here in Thailand. It really just means something is the same or similar to whatever you are referring to.  
This morning as I walked up to the volunteer house, I could hear a child crying rather loudly.  I came cross her and her mother.  The little wee girl was sudsy in a tub outside their home having a bath and her mom was squatted in front of her trying to brush her teeth.  Luckily her mouth was open because she was crying, so her mom was actually quite successful in brushing her teeth.   
I chuckled to myself remembering trying to brush little Eden’s teeth back home one day.   She made it easy but it was a learning lesson for me to figure out how to brush somebody else’s teeth.  Haha.   Have seen and been guilty of children fighting those hygiene rituals though: tooth brushing, bathing, and even going to bed.   Why do kids fight it?   Well….  It must be a universal thing.   Lol.  It reminded me that daily routines and the trials of parenthood are the same everywhere.  “Same same” but different.  Their bathtub is a rubber round tub outside filled with cold water and the mom was squatting down, not kneeling on the bathroom floor in front of a massive bathtub.    They are outdoors surrounded by Palm, coconut and banana trees, not indoors.  
Despite the crying, it made me smile and think of all my parenting friends back home and around the world…..    
Feeling lucky to be here in Ban Nam Khem, Phang Nga, Thailand for the next eleven more months!    Bliss!!  


4 thoughts on “Same Same”

  1. Makes me wonder what kind of sayings in Canada do we have that folks visiting…that make them sigh and giggle. Nice stories Deb, keep them coming!


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