Crazy Fruit Dare

Had two food adventures today. I went to the restaurant across the street for lunch with Sharne today.  it has four or so pits she makes and you just pick one of those dishes and it comes served with rice. She knows me now as she automatically points out the less spicy dishes!   Lol.  It was kind of slim pickings today.  One was a beef dish that looked a little like there were some brains in it, a fish and sweet potato in a super spicy sauce, a milky-looking sauce with prawns and a million greens, and a super spicy curry one with prawns.  I picked the milky greens ones.  I am certain the prawns were local.  They would be more aptly named shrimp as they were bigger than shrimp at home and more colourful but smaller than prawns at home.  We live in a fishing village and it’s common to see nets out at sea and boats heading out for their catch, or our neighbours processing fish in their front yard. I felt it was a bit of an adventure as the milky but was somewhat unknown and I actually couldn’t identify the flavour but it was surprisingly good, the greens were also unknown and the shrimp/prawns were cooked guys and shell and all!   I was pretty happy with my lunch though it was not the most appealing looking, it was good.  It was great to feel adventurous as I would say food is one area I am somewhat wimpy and trepidacious in.   

  Then, I went down the street a few properties to the Fried Banana vendor.  I had heard her wares raved about since I got here about a month ago but hadn’t tried them until earlier this week. She had bananas and some small round deep fried somethings.  I asked what they were and she showed me a fruit that looks suspiciously like durian, though the spikes looked shaved or cut down. 
If you don’t know durian, it is quite famous in South East Asia. It has a large oval shape and is famous for its rather unpleasant odour some people often compare to dirty feet and sewage combined.  It has spikes on the outside and locals here call it the king of the fruits.  However, it should be noted it can be banned from certain buildings and hotels due to the odour.  


However, I was shattered to learn just a few hours after starting to write this article that it was actually Jampada Fruit, a form of jackfruit.  Also smelly and large but not quite as pungent as durian.  
Anyway, I had half of the deep fried fruit.  It was quite powdery and not unpleasant but I should have just had a small bite at a time, I believe.  


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