Thailand’s answer to Costco

Well, one of my first weekends in Japan, I visited Costco and blogged about it. This fourth weekend in Thailand, I visited the Thai equivalent called “Super Cheap” in Phuket.  As an aside, it’s funny that me, who doesn’t like shopping has been to these stores, but …. Why not!   

The parking lot was crazy crowded, the driver looped three times before just dropping us off and parking elsewhere!   Locals negotiated the crowded, chaotic parking lot with carts mounded high with purchases.  

Upon entering, bags must be checked in and you are given a Hello Kitty clear plastic purse to put your wallet (and my water bottle) in.  

The foreground of the store is food and the atmosphere is more overwhelming than Canadian Costco on a Saturday.  The aisles feel small and the shelves are high.   
No hot dogs, but vendors near the front of the store sold a variety of Thai sweets such as sweet sticky rice.  And past the checkout tills there is a Dunkin Donuts.  We didn’t imbibe.  

Maneuvering with a cart that veers constantly to the left, our group of four tried to get all we needed.  Our hopeful purchases included burner stove, a night stand table, mattresses, bed frames, mops, laundry washbins, and various food. Most purchases were found and the delight of the day was big tubs of strawberry jam: very difficult to find in our nearby tourist town where we usually shop.  

Certain areas were actually different stores, I think, because if you wanted items in certain areas (water coolers from the electronics area, for example, and pillows and nightstand from the furniture area), you had to pay for those items before leaving that sectioned off area. 

There were more counters than in Canada, and the lines were shorter, but the amount purchased and speed of the purchasing meant we waited about fifteen minutes to get to the til.  Luckily, through, we were waiting in front of a big air conditioner fan to keep us cool and happy as we were patient.  

I don’t think we will be back as it was too chaotic and not really worth the wait and craziness for the Super Cheap prices but…  It was a unique experience!  


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