Night Market

Today (August 12th) is the birthday of the Queen of Thailand, Sirikit.  It is also Mothers Day in honour of the queen.  We had been told there were celebrations in the nearby town of Takua Pa in the evening.  Dancing, festival food carts, children performing , and a lighting of candles were the highlights we were excited about.  It was a rainy day, but it started to let up around five thirty, so a group of about twelve of us headed into the town in a Song thaew, a covered small pickup truck with a row of benches on either side of the bed of the truck.  The square was all lit up but nobody was in sight. So we headed to the small night market across the street.  Wandering around there weren’t too many stalls, but they offered a range of food: sweets, cooked seafood, fruit, and cooked meat to name a few.  I tried some BBQ’d pork. 

And surprisingly just as we were about to meet back at the songthaew, a fireworks show started.   Short but sweet, it was a nice end to a wander of an evening.  


5 thoughts on “Night Market”

    1. Hi Kathy. They are sweets. Made from egg yolk, hot water and flour. With a sweet syrup on top. I didn’t try but all the other sweets I have had here have been delicious so maybe next time.


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