A Glimpse of China

I am now at the airport in Guangzhou, China, for about an hour and a half.  There is barbed wire fence around the airport so I guess they are worried about stowaways.   


The buses that shuttle you from the plane to the terminal are fat and squat.  It is also interesting the buses and planes share the same road.  Seemed crazily close to my Canadian eyes!   


No free wifi in the airport, you must purchase something from a cafe or restaurant.  It’s quite horribly slow.  Haha.  I am in “Mike’s Pizza House” having a mango juice. I don’t have Chinese money so confirmed they take visa before sitting.  The juice tastes very plain but is thick and filling.  

There is a guy beside me loudly blowing his nose and a guy across from me clipping his nails (at least they are his fingernails not toenails)!  Fans mounted on the ceiling waft b.o. around in a very unappetizing way.  Chances are, I am adding to the awesome aroma. 😀. I am kind of glad I didn’t order food!  Haha. 
Anyway, thought I’d share a few pictures from this mini transit adventure. 

   Well, the connection is crap so will have to upload photos at some later date.  Gotta get out of the body odour madness!!   Ni Hao




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