Faster than a Speeding Bullet.   The Shinkansen. 

In 1986, Vancouver, BC Canada hosted the world expo. My family visited it as part of a family vacation. We stayed at a friend’s place in False Creek and every day took a little water ferry over to the Expo ’86 site.  I remember a few things from the Expo – waiting in a long line inside a building with a spiral ramp to see the Canadian exhibit and there were bicycles and planes and canoes hanging from the ceiling, and King Tuts coffin at the Egypt exhibit.  But what made the most impact was Japan’s Shinkansen or “Bullet Train.” We got to go inside one of the train cars and it simulated the speed and feel of the actual Shinkansen in use in Japan.  It blew my young mind!!!   We rarely use trains in Canada for passengers, unlike most of the modern world, so it was a novelty plus the speed was thrilling – you couldn’t even tell you were going so fast because of the smooth glide of the train.  Those were the impressions I was left with of Expo. 
About twenty years later, I got to experience the bullet train for real – not just a simulator.  So thrilling. I took the train from Tokyo to Nagoya to attend the 2005 Love the Earth Expo “Aichi Banpaku” in Aichi prefecture.  Pretty cool coincidence that Aichi means Love the Earth!   I was so excited to learn I experienced the fastest speed the Shinkansen goes – 320 km/hr!   
When I went last weekend to Nagoya to see the amazing Tami and Andrea and this super fab families, I once again had the privilege to take the bullet train. It was such a lovely, clean, efficient and really relaxing experience. Even the platform where you wait to board is spotless.  The cabins ahave a lovely air conditioned temperature and the seats were spacious.  The signs to indicate the upcoming destinations were in bothEnglish  and Japanese and to my delight I was in Nagoya after less than one hour!   Fantastically speedy way to travel.  


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