Morningu Set in Nagoya And Reminiscent BBQ

Before heading to Nagoya to visit some amazing friends, my Japanese friends who are foodies gave me tones of suggestions about food to eat.  I didn’t try much but did experience the Morning set that thy recommended.  (Japanese pronounciation is morningu setto). Yum!  Affordable.  So for about $3, you get a buttered piece of toast and your choice of drink, a boiled egg and then sets vary with the options. You could get sweet red beans to put on your toast or jam and banana at the place we went to.  I chose banana and jam.  And tea which came as a pot not just a mug.  With a timer for the tea so you know when to pour it.  Love how Japanese think of every detail to make a perfect experience!  So thoughtful.  Perfect size and great price, no wonder it’s common in Nagoya.  

 My lovely friends and hosts Tami and Fumi along with Andrea asked what I wanted in terms of food.  They were surprised when I said BBQ.  It was such a staple in Hokkaido I didn’t really understand why it wasn’t done in the Osaka/Nagoya area until they pointed out the temperature difference.  It’s very hot to be bbq-Ing Jalanese style.  The bbq is like a trough and you put charcoal in the bottom and flame them up.  Fan them and then when they are red coals you bbq. Fumi was so amazing and bbq Ed for us!   Sooooo grateful.  We had kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, sausage, chicken skewers, meat and the Hokkaido specialty of Ghenghis Khan (marinated lamb).  It was all amazing. We made origiri (rice balls) and the experienced Tami totally outshone my first attempts. Haha.  Helps if you wet your fingers first.   Making a triangle out of sticky rice is harder than I thought.  Kudos to Tami!!!   I remember holding a bowl of rice, everybody bbq info their own meat and veg and picking it off with chopsticks onto a bowl of rice and eating it.  So I mushed down my onigiri to be just rice and enjoyed that “natsukashii” (nostalgic) experience.  It was a feast and lots of hot sweaty and even a little mosquito-y effort by all especially Tami and Fumi so very grateful!!!!    Followed the evening up Japanese summer style with fireworks!   Such a wonderful few days.  




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