Ewok Walk

While walking Emma, who I affectionately call an Ewok, one day I spotted a landscaping company at work.  I actually thought the truck was a garbage truck based on Canadian memories, but nope.  It was a landscaping company.  



I proceeded to a neighbourhood park that I had discovered my first week but hadn’t returned to. It’s pretty barren but it had a few rockin ride animals and one of the notorious water fountains.  I pointed out the drinking fountain problems in one of my earliest blogs: the water goes straight up and the control dial is very sensitive.   I tried both out!   One was a little more successful than the other.  I’ll let you guess which is which.  

The forest and stream below the park
Throughout my walks I am delighted by many signs showing Takatsuki’s mascot, Hanitan.  He’s a characterized terra cotta soldier.  It makes me smile every time I see him.  

 Sometimes I take Emma on a long walk near the rice fields.  I noticed yesterday they are really growing and getting very tall.  A lot of the water has been sucked up.   I also was delighted to hear a bullfrog and to hear many other regular frogs.  The bullfrog I heard for the first time and didn’t know what it was.  Luckily the local photography group that is always at the reservoir I walk by explained it was a frog.  I sure couldn’t believe it.  It sounded like a cross between a cow and a light saber!   A unique noise that I couldn’t place as I had never heard it before. About two weeks ago, the rice paddies had lots of egg sacs and tadpoles in them.  



Can you see the bullfrog?
Pretty sure the photgraphers are after birds. This pretty blue one caught my eye

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