Eco Hike

One weekday I decided to try the Eco trail at Settsukyo, my usual hiking spot, instead of the central trail I usually do. I stopped at a coffee shop called Champs Elysses first as It was raining and I wanted to wait it out. Plus I had been intrigued – when I went to France with CISV, we sang the song all the time.   I ordered a Royal Milk Tea.  I asked what is was before and didn’t understands the reponse.  I thought j did – thought I was getting tea with frothed steamed milk.   Actually it was just tea with milk in it in a fancy porcelain tea cup instead of a regular tea cup.  Haha.  $6.50 maybe not so well spent but it was an adventure!  The ambience was s cross between funky 60’s decor, grandma lace with a modern rock station playing.  The only other patron was a university student and he happily chain smoked and chatted with the cook and the server.  I was amused by watching a Coke employee restock a vending machine outside.  The van had different sliding panels on the sides and the back lifted up in a way I had never seen before – it folded in half sticking out.  The smoke got to me so I headed off. 

I headed into the park, tried out the roller slide and started off to the hike.  

So I ventured off at the Maple Valley into Eco trail.  It began with stairs and then a small viewing platform them more stairs.  After a sweaty while, it was a regular trail and it came out at a camp.  The map there for some reason didn’t seem to have the Eco Trail so I took what I thought was the trail.  It was not used.  The trail was hard to see, just a small area where the leaves lead me.  Eventually I came to a steep slope into what I call the tree cemetery.   I usually go through the tree cemetery (there is tonnes of stacked wood covered in thick clear plastic. The plastic gets hot and emits a somewhat unpleasant and very distinct smell), but this was approaching from another angle and there was a rope to help get down the slope.  Fun!  From there it was the same trail as usual but I enjoyed my little exploration.  Gotta love hiking in Japan. 


Viewing platform
I’m pretty sure it says this trail isnt used anymore but I felt daring
Barely a trail
Eco trail
Rope to the tree cemetery
Fun rope adventure on the eco trail
Some interesting mushrooms
Love these little things on the trees.

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