Rainy Kyoto is still BEAUTIFUL!

Saturday met a friend in Kyoto.  We headed from the beautiful station to Gion area.  This is the the traditional area where Geisha still exists and if you are lucky you might get a glimpse. We did not.  But we wandered through a soggy temple grounds, meandered through the narrow, cobblestone streets and had traditional green tea called maccha in a small tea house with an amazing all glass wall with a view into a gorgeous Japanese garden. There was some evidence of preparations for the upcoming Gion Festival – banners in covered walkways, gongs ringing out and fireworks being prepared.  We were told we may see large wooden floats that are on wheels and pulled/pushed by men as the preparations had begun but I understand that are in a different area of the city.  There were, however, many kimonos and summer kimonos called Yukata, being worn by graceful and elegant women.   
Hope you enjoy these photos.  


Inside Kyoto station
Kyoto Tower
Passed a temple on the way to Gion
Beautiful temple entranceway
All dressed up!
Lanterns hung in covered walkway in a shopping street section. Saw Louis Vuitton and other brands
Shopping section was crowded
Guiding traffic
Beautiful colours. A stall at the temple grounds in Gion
Temple patron sponsors
Rainy days, but visitors still exploring
Prayer bells
Gion Matsuri (Gion Festival) prep
A peak from the Gion alleyways. Beautiful
After a few metres on the street, we veered down some quaint almost mysterious alleys. They twisted and turned.
Decided to explore here!
It caught my eye
Maccha prep. See the amazing window to gaze at the garden’s beauty?
Mix and mix and mix until you get little bubbles
The matron finished her cigarette and asked her patron to go outside to smoke to accomodate the foreigners. Thankful he obliged. We had plabned to stay for lunch but it was too smoky!
From the side entrance
It really was spectacular
Elegance ascends
Playing with pics
Surprise! Same name and font as a chocolate shop in Victoria!!!
Trying to find a pub, we walked up a covered arcade and I was surprised to see a sign for a climbing wall

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