Osaka Castle


Osaka Jo (Osaka Castle)
In a huge park, on fifteen acres of land in the city of Osaka, Japan, stands the Osaka Castle. It was built between 1583 and 1597 and is five stories tall.  It is beautiful with its gold leaf adornments.  Thick stone walls, a three storey tall foundation and a double most protect the castle from invaders!    It’s definitely an impressive site. I was awed by the thick stone walls!!!   
The castle has a long history, and hasn’t been without damage in its long history but remains a symbol of Osaka and perhaps even of Japan!     It can be seen lit up at night as well – an impressive view!   


Subway signs pointed the way
From the subway entrance/exit – knew I was in the right place!
A hammock was one way to enjoy the massive park surrounding the castle
Many children played in the water
Fountain at Osaka Castle
A Japanese swing group having a party. Waited for a performance but gave up. Loved the costumes
Didn’t realize this was the OUTER moat!
Through the beautiful trees
The gate
Amazing architecture from 1580’s! Reminds me of Game of Thrones castles
Sneak Peak
Gokurakubashi Bridge
The inner moat
Fancy a float in a moat?
The gold leaf was gorgeous
Couldn’t believe the thickness of the stone wall!
One Side
Expo 1970 Time Capsule
Saying goodbye
One of several buildings onsite
The yellow mascot of the building was everywhere. I think he pointed out good photo angles

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