Coco Curry!

Near the end of my three year stay in Hokkaido, Japan, ten years ago, friends and I discovered Coco Curry, a Japanese curry fast food place.  It was so great and Iloved it’s curry.  The smell and flavour haunted my dreams the past ten years!!!  A wonderful Hillcrest family hadn’t heard of it and when hearing of their trip to Japan summer of 2014, at my recommendation, they discovered it’s delights and also brought some back for me!  So wonderful!   Well, today, I was reacquainted with the restaurant in person!   Soooo happy to see the sign. 

I was at a stadium watching  friend participate in the regional track and field meet. It was between her events so I ventured out into the Nagai area of Osaka.  As I was leaving the park the stadium was in, I was a bit concerned as I could see Kentucky Fried Chicken ahead.  Not exactly what I was hoping to eat.  But, as I got closer to the intersection, I spied a godsend ahead!!!!   The familiar sign of CoCo curry called me!!!

  I hurriedly rushed in and was greeted promptly as usual. Bits almost eerie how fast the service is. I was still sitting down and putting my awesome sling bag from Hillcrest Board of Education in the clever under counter cubby as she approached. 

A minuscule glass of ice water was served and the server was asking me questions I didn’t understand.  I thought she was asking if I knew my order but I got super flustered.  I said I didn’t understand her and asked her to say it again.  She was using very honorific Japanese as I am a customer but it actually makes it more difficult for me to understand.  She said the same thing again and my flusteredness grew. I felt pressure to order so I said I wanted mild chicken curry.  She looked confused and asked if I wanted chicken katsu which is like a breaded deep fried chicken and I definitely didn’t want that, so I pulled out the menu and tried to order chicken curry – it was the first thing that came to mind. Haha. It would have beneficial for everybody if I had just asked for a minute to look at the menu but alas…. I didn’t.  Too excited to be there.  She asked many questions, which I fumbled through.  Mostly giving blank stares which she seemed to really take in stride.  Generally my Japanese is a little better, but I was tired and excited – apparently not a good combo!   

  I fumbled my way through an order and then looked at the menu.  Ah ha.  So you order the basic curry, the meat then the size of rice then the spice level then any additions.  Next time I will be prepared.  

Anyways it was delicious (my auto correct just turned my delicious typo into eel idiots!). And I will be better prepared for my next amazing stop at Coco curry.  

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