The bad part of taking a local train by accident is you are late.  It takes almost double the time to get to your destination.  The good thing is you get a seat!!!   And you can see what’s happening in all the small towns.  There was some kind of festival in Shimamoto with beautifully coloured balloons, lanterns and baubles everywhere!!!   (Wish I had gotten my phone out in time for a picture.  Maybe it will be visible on my return trip)
It’s a hot and overcast, muggy day and off to explore Kyoto again.  On foot, I think!   The pedometer app is getting a huge workout in Japan! 


2 thoughts on “Trains”

  1. I took the train from Tapinhing to Chang Mai. It was an experience! The train feels like it’s going so fast it’s going to go off the rails! Great to see the country side though.

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