Universal Studios Japan 2015

Before today, I had only been on the West Edmonton Mall Roller Coaster.    Now, I haven conquered two Harry Potter rides, Back to the  Future, a Backdraft fire show, Spider-Man, and Space Fantasy.   Opted out of the Jaws ride and didn’t have enough time for the Dream Roller Coaster.  
This isn’t at all my usual kind of adventure, but I love Harry Potter, and am really not sure if or when I might get to Englad.  So,when I found out Harry Potter had a world in Osaka – that was it.  I will write more about HP later, but wanted to get some photos off my camera, so here you are. 
For certain my favourite ride was the Space Fantasy. It was a roller coaster ride in the dark with funky stars and floating things.  The roller coaster car spun a lot.  I loved it!  Almost went on twice but wanted to see if I could catch the big Dream Roller Coaster before heading home.  Ah well.    
I am exhausted, but it was a good and fun day.  An urban and commercialized adventure, for sure, but enjoyable.  








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