Flashback going to work with monkeys

In 2008, I went to South Africa to work at a monkey sanctuary.  I thought the old emails home might be of interest so here you go.   First instalment sent just before leaving to family and friends:

Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 2:33 PM

Subject: Anticipation!


So, I’m just sending out my first email to my ‘home’ list – I will be sending updates to you via this email address, and hopefully will attach a photo or two along the way.


In case you don’t know, I’m moving to South Africa to be the Volunteer Coordinator for a monkey sanctuary. The Vervet Monkey Foundation (www.vervet.za.org) works on rehabilitation, conservation, education, and research of Vervet Monkeys. I will be living in a 6-person tent (to myself!) and using an eco toilet and a bush shower. We have hot water! We have electricity! (Yahoo!) 


There is alot of space in my tent, so I would be soooo happy to share it with you – want to come play with monkeys?!?!? 


Anyways, I’m super excited, today is my last day of work, I leave this Wednesday, February 27th. I will be making a stop in London, where I will meet up with Francesca from Oz who I met in Japan, and Abi and Reevesie from Peace Boat. 


If you’d like to get in touch, this email address will work. 


Mailing address: (I’d love to get music, treats, cards, PHOTOS, updates)

Deb Simpson

c/o Vervet Monkey Foundation

PO Box 415



Limpopo Province



(Please don’t send meat – there is no meat allowed on premise, and don’t send chocolate – it melts!)


Thanks and please let me know your mailing address if you want a postcard!


HUGS and love,




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