Curry!  Oh Japanese Curry

I absolutely adore Japanese curry.  It’s got veg, rice, and a savoury but fairly mild curry sauce.  Soooo good.  Along with tempera on rice, it’s probably my favourite meal to have out in Japan.  Just before leaving in 2005, I had a home stay mom who tried to teach me how to make Japanese curry.  


my favourite curry – sweet curry
A few years later I was delighted to find the curry blocks in Canadian stores but had only vague recollection of how to make it.   Victoria had an amazing Japanese store called Fujiya where I found my favourite packet WITH ENGLISH INSTRUCTIONS!!!   This was a day for celebration.  It was summer when I found this and Japanese curry in my mind is either a camping in Japan kind of dish or a winter dish.  I kind of forgot but bought some.  When I moved in March 2014 I found it again and finally in April 2015 I made it.   Twice.  Cuz I had evidence after the first time how amazing it is!!!!   

So today I attempted to make it for the first time by myself here in Japan.  With only Japanese instructions.  On a night with a hit thunderstorm playing on the background.   With the essential ingredient to all my best cooking times – a glass of wine.  (Thanks, Erin for the reminder and  Katie and Costco!  For the actual wine. Yes four weeks later I finished the wine).  Wellllll.  I have to say it’s still heavenly.  And I will be eating curry many meals to come as it made a lot!!!!   But so scrumptious.   Yummy culinary adventures!!!


Cooking essentials
First you brown the meat and sauté in the veggies. 


Brown the meat and veg
Then you boil it all for about fifteen minutes.   It’s possible the directions say to bring it to a boil (with about six cups of water) then reduce heat but I admit I pretty much boiled it the whole time


I boiled it for 15 mins
Then add the blocks of curry concentrate and let it cook on low for ten minutes.    And serve with rice.  Yum!!!


Serve with cooked Japanese white rice. YUM

Paired it with beer and an improv greek salad

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